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Concelo Active Lid Tool Improvement

Concelo ACTIVE LID is now "Childs Play" to Install

What is the Active Lid on Concelo ?

Concelo’s Active Lid stays in the cabinet when the bin is opened and drops down over the buckets when the bin is closed - now that’s smart!

Homeowners like their waste bin to have a lid that controls odours. What they don’t like is having to touch the lid every time they open their bin unit.

The cleverly designed Concelo Active Lid resolves both issues for the homeowner: the Active Lid is hidden from sight at the top of the bin inside the cabinet, and drops down to close over the buckets when the unit is closed, sealing in odours. The motion of the lid is synchronised with the opening and closing action of the unit, which lets you to keep your hands free to simply drop waste into the bin.

Concelo waste bins are also compatible with electronic Push to Open systems, such as Blum Servo drive and Grass Sensomatic. This makes the bin truly hands free - bump the door with your hip to open and simply drop waste into the bin. No need to use your hands to open the bin or remove a lid.

Watch the video below to see how the Active Lid works.

Its now Childs Play to install and remove the Active Lid

To make it easy to install, and to remove the Active Lid for cleaning, a handy Lid Tool is provided with each Concelo waste bin. Watch the video below to see how the Active Lid can be removed for easy cleaning, and then reinstalled.

Concelo redefines what you should expect from the most used appliance in your kitchen. An award winning design that boasts not just a clean design aesthetic, but its Active Lid system keeps your bin hygienic while looking smart and smelling clean.