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Where can I order the correct replacement bucket for my Hideaway Bin?

Replacement buckets can be ordered from the spare parts section of this website  Go to Spare Parts >>        

To identify the bucket used in your bin, you can compare the measurements of your bucket to the measurements below:


13L - 246 x 290 x 246

15L - 279 x 290 x 243

16L - 246 x 375 x 246

20L - 279 x 395 x 243

35L - 345 x 600 x 245

40L - 382 x 592 x 242

50L - 315 x 572 x 367


35L - 345 x 600 x 245

60L - 370 x 575 x 465

Alternatively, if you know the model number of your bin (ie KK6D), go to the product page for that model, and click on the "Spare Parts" button to get the correct bucket.

Where can I find the model number or serial number for my unit?

To identify the correct replacement buckets and liner holders for your Hideaway Bin, you will need to locate the serial sticker on your bin. Open the bin unit fully and remove the buckets. The serial sticker will be on the back or side of the collar (the part that supports the buckets).

Hideaway Seerial Number

This sticker will allow you to identify the Model Number and the Manufacturing date of your bin unit.

To find the correct bucket and liner holder for your bin, please click here


How do I remove the lid from my bin to clean it?

Concelo Range:

The Concelo range has a patented "Active Lid" design that can be removed for cleaning. Please watch the video below to remove your Active Lid.

Hideaway® Deluxe and Hideaway® Soft Close Ranges:

These bins have a friction fitted lid which can be removed to allow cleaning. 

Refer to the care and maintenance instructions below to remove lid for cleaning.

Hideaway Care & Maintenance Instructions

Watch the video below:

The Hideaway® Compact range does not have a removable lid.


How do I clean and care for my Hideaway Bin?


Important information:

• DO NOT over fill your bucket/s as contents could damage the lid and/or mounting panel of your bin unit.
• Refrain from pushing down hard on rubbish inside your bucket/s as this may create extra pressure on the screw fixings inside the cabinet.

General Care and Maintenance:

DO NOT allow food and grime to build up on the surfaces of your bin. This may damage the protective powder coat or the metal components.
• DO NOT use harsh abrasive cleaners, commercial cleaning products, scouring pads or hard brushes.
• You should clean your Hideaway Bin a minimum of every 3 months using warm soapy water and a soft cloth. This includes removing the buckets and liner holders on your bin and cleaning the interior parts of your bin unit, especially the friction fitted lid on Deluxe and Soft Close bin models. Dry all parts after cleaning.
• When cleaning, try to avoid getting the runners wet, however, if this happens ensure you dry the runners well and then regrease.

Hideaway Compact, Deluxe and Soft Close Ranges Only:

• Over time you may need to lubricate your runners for continued free movement. To do this, lubricate with a small amount of petroleum jelly such as Vaseline or a silicone based grease.

DO NOT use silicon sprays, such as CRC 5.56 or WD40 to lubricate your runners, as this will not last and may cause the soft close mechanism to fail.

• Your Hideaway Bin has ball bearing runners which may gain a memory over time. This occurs due to the bin usually being opened partially during everyday use. This can make it difficult to open the bin fully. To overcome this, every so often place a firm grip on either side of your handle/door bracket and slowly, but firmly, pull the unit towards you. Continue to pull the runners towards you until they reach their maximum extension. Then close the unit fully. This will restore the full extension of the bin runners and ensure your bucket/s will always come clear of your bench top.

Download Hideaway Care & Maintenance Instructions

Concelo Range:

Please watch the video below to see how to clean your Concelo Bin.


Download Concelo Care & Maintenance Instructions


How do install a Concelo waste bin?

Please watch the installation video below:

How do I install a Concelo laundry hamper?

Please watch the installation video below:


How do I install Concelo in an over-width cabinet?

Concelo has been engineered to give design flexibility when needed. Concelo can be installed in over width cabinets by mounting to the top of the cabinet using the NEW CRTMB Top Mount Brackets.

Concelo CRTMB  

This gives designers the freedom to place the bin in the ideal position without compromising strength or rigidity, and no need for packers. This is particularly useful for retrofit situations.

 Concel Top Mount


How do install Concelo with Framed or Shaker Style Doors?

The Concelo door bracket has been designed with an alternative hidden screw fixing that can be used for Framed or Shaker Style doors. 

This method of installation can also be used when fixing door fronts to a Concelo unit that has already been installed in the cabinet. Please watch the video below.


What is the maximum door size for a Concelo bin when top mounted?

When Concelo is mounted to the top plate in an over-width cabinet using CRTMB Top Mount Brackets, the total door width should not exceed 100mm greater than the standard cabinet width for that bin model, as noted in the table below:


Max door width when top mounted

CR350 Models


CR400 Models


CR450 Models


CR600 Models


Please note that bin units that are mounted to the top plate only in an over width cabinet do have more side to side movement than a bin unit that is side mounted in a standard cabinet.

How do I fit Electronic Push to Open to my Concelo Bin?

Concelo is compatible with electronic push to open systems, which are available from leading kitchen hardware suppliers. Please see the guide below for installing Concelo with Grass or Blum push to open systems.


My old Hideaway bin had a perfume sachet in the Lid, where can I get replacements?

As a product improvement, Hideaway removed the perfume sachets from all its models in 2013, and the bins no longer have perfume sachet cut outs (the holes in the friction fitted lid/body).  To provide a more hygienic and durable bin solution, the friction fitted lids on Hideaway Deluxe and Soft Close ranges are protected by Clinikill™ powder coat which kills yeast, bacteria and fungi for a period of 10 years.

Contact us if you would like to upgrade your lid to the new Clinikill coated lid.

My 50L Bucket and Liner Holder doesn't fit ?

The Hideaway 50L bucket needs to be installed into the unit before the 50L liner holder will fit the bucket.  During the manufacturing process, the bucket comes out with 4 rounded sides (approx. 350mm x 350mm). When the bucket is installed into the unit, the metal collar moulds the bucket into a more rectangular shape – the same shape as the liner holder – and the liner holder will then fit.  The liner holder will not fit the 50L bucket unless it is installed into the unit.

What is the advantage of Top Mounting bins?

Most Hideaway Bins have the option of being mounted directly under the benchtop. This means the bins are at the optimal height for clearing waste directly off a benchtop. This reduces the amount of bending required when cooking and disposing of waste, since your waste bin is one of the things you use most in the kitchen.

Top mounting also gives more design flexibility. Because the bin does not need to mount to the sides of a cabinet, the cabinet width does not need to be an exact match to the bin width, meaning cabinetry can be custom designed to suit your home.

What is the difference between the Hideaway Compact, Deluxe and Soft Close ranges?

The Hideaway Soft Close range has a removable, friction-fitted lid that drops down onto the bins when the unit is closed to create a seal on the buckets. This helps eliminate odours. The friction-fitted lid also allows you to keep your hands free when you are disposing of waste into the bucket. The lid is protected with Clinikill™ Antibacterial powder coat, which kills yeast, bacteria and fungi for a period of 10 years. The runners are German ball bearing soft close runners which create a smooth and quiet closing motion.

The Hideaway Deluxe range has the same friction fitted lid as the Soft Close range. The runners are a manual open and close ball bearing runner.

The Hideaway Compact range is ideal for areas with limited space, and does not have a friction fitted lid. This saves space and cost.  The body acts as the cover when the unit is closed, so there is a cover but also air flow.

How much weight can the runners take?

All Hideaway runners are rated to 100,000 cycles (openings) at a dynamic weight rating, or full extension.

The Concelo runners are rated to 45kg.

The Hideaway Soft Close runners are rated at 52kgs.

The Hideaway Deluxe runners are rated to 40kgs

The Hideaway Compact runners are rated to 38kg (45kg on the KC240 & KC235).

The weight capacity of the runners is designed to handle the weight of standard household rubbish or recycling, plus the weight of the door/drawer front that may be mounted on the front. If the bin is going to be used in high use applications (commercial office kitchen), Hideaway recommends using the Concelo range or the Soft Close range of bins, which have higher weight ratings.

What is the plastic ring that sits on my bucket for?

This is called the Liner Holder and it helps hold the bags in place in the bucket. 


What do the “H” and “D” stand for on our bins?

“H” is Handle Pull and “D” is Door Pull.

Handle Pull means that the unit is opened by the handle. The cupboard door is opened first and then the unit is pulled out by using the handle.

Door Pull means that the unit is attached to the cupboard door, so that when the door or drawer front is opened the bin is pulled out at the same time.

What are the measurements on your brochure / website?

These are the internal wall to wall and minimum measurements required to fit that unit into a cupboard.


What about the hinges on my door, how will I know if the bin will fit properly?

If cupboard door hinges do not allow the door to clear the opening fully, please allow an extra 10mm width clearance for the bin. Installation also requires that the top door hinge be 150mm from the top of the door to allow clearance for the bin handle.

Can I change the bucket configurations?

Yes, it is possible to interchange the 15L and 20L buckets as the dimensions across the top of both buckets are the same. The 13L and 16L buckets are also interchangeable.

Please ensure that there is sufficient height in the cupboard if changing from the 15L to 20L bucket, or changing from the 13L to the 16L bucket.

The other bucket sizes are not interchangeable.

What are Hideaway Bins made from?



To ensure that our products are as durable as possible, all plastic parts are made from 100% virgin Polypropylene. While using virgin material is more expensive, it means the strength of the components are not compromised by using fillers. At the end of their life, all parts are all fully recyclable to ensure minimal environmental impact. Our buckets are made using a food-grade polypropylene material which is FDA (U.S.A) approved meaning they can also be used to store dry food stuffs.

Metal Frames

The bin frames are made from durable electro-galvanised steel. This has a smooth consistent thin layer of zinc to provide corrosion resistance and has a consistent surface for excellent finish when powder coated. The frames are then protected with a durable powder coated finish.


What size buckets do you have?

We have 13L, 15L, 16L, 20L, 35L, 40L and 50L buckets, as well as the 35L and 60L laundry hamper. 


13L - 246 x 290 x 246

15L - 279 x 290 x 243

16L - 246 x 375 x 246

20L - 279 x 395 x 243

35L - 345 x 600 x 245

40L - 382 x 592 x 242

50L - 315 x 572 x 367


35L - 345 x 600 x 245

60L - 370 x 575 x 465

What size bag liner do I use?

The table below shows the sizes of plastic bin liners that are available from GLAD in both New Zealand and Australia. Liners are available from other brands, and will have to be tested to ensure fit.

  15L Bucket 20L Bucket 35L and 40L Bucket 50L Bucket
NZ - Glad Kitchen Tidy Bags with Forceflex

Bathroom Tidy Small

(46 x 50cm)


(49 x 47cm)

Extra Large

(58 X 64cm)

Extra Large

(58 X 64cm)

AU – Glad Tuff Stuff Force Flex

Bathroom Tidy Small

(46 x 50cm)

Bathroom Tidy Small

(46 x 50cm)


(58 x 64cm)


(58 x 64cm)