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15L Bucket - White

15 Litre bucket




Unit Dimensions (WxHxD)mm:279 x 290 x 243

Our buckets are made of 100% virgin polypropylene material for maximum durability.

They are fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle.

Compatible with Coloured Liner Holders to colour code your waste bin. Click SPARE PARTS button below to see colour options.

4 Colours

They are also food grade, which means they can be safely used for bulk storage of dry food stuffs.

1 X 15 Litre replacement bucket for models:

Concelo Bins - CR400-215D-W

Hideaway Compact Bins: KC15SCH-W, KC15SCD-W, KC30SCH-W, KC30SCD-W, KCF115SCH-W, KCF215SCD-W, KCF215SCH-W

Hideaway Deluxe Bins: KK3H, KK5D, KK4H, KK6D, KK4F, KK6F

Hideaway Soft Close Bins: SC215D-W

Disclaimer: Please contact Kitchen King regarding your purchase if you are unsure of the age of your unit. All units manufactured before 2004 will not fit the bucket sold on this website.