Bin Selection Guide - Hideaway Bins


Bin Selection Guide

When it comes to choosing the right bin for your project, there are several factors to consider. The below guide steps you through the process to help you find the right Hideaway bin.


This is the most important decision. Hideaway Bins have buckets available in 15, 20, 40 & 50L. A smaller 15 or 20L bucket is suitable for smaller spaces, couples or small families. A large family might choose to have a larger 40L bucket.

For Commercial applications, such as recycling centre's or offices with a large number of staff, a 40 or 50L bucket is recommended.


After you have chosen your preferred bucket size, think about whether you want a single bin for waste only, or a double bucket configuration for waste and recycling.

When more than 2 buckets are required, it may be possible to install a combination of single and/or double bins to achieve the right combination of buckets to suit your needs.






The "Pull Type" depends on whether you want to hide your bin behind a hinge door, or if you want the door panel fixed to the front of your bin. 

The most popular is the DOOR PULL which allows a one step action. The bin is accessible by simply pulling open the cabinet door, which is attached to the door bracket of the Hideaway Bin. This means one hand is used to open the bin, and the other hand is free to dispose of the waste. 

When a bin needs to be mounted behind a hinged door, Hideaway Bins are available in a HANDLE PULL option. This features an inbuilt handle at the front of the bin to pull open the unit.


Choose whether you want to install your bin at bench height (TOP MOUNT), or whether you need it mounted to the bottom of your cabinets (BASE MOUNT), which is typical for under sink installations.

Most Hideaway Bins have the option of being mounted directly under the benchtop. This means the bins are at the optimal height for clearing waste directly off the benchtop. This reduces the amount of bending required when cooking and disposing of waste, since your waste bin is one of the things you use most often in the kitchen. 

Top mounting also gives more design flexibility. Because the bin does not need to mount to the sides of a cabinet, the cabinet width does not need to be an exact match to the bin width, meaning cabinetry can be custom designed to suit your home.

In other applications, such as for a Laundry Hamper, the BASE MOUNT version is more ergonomic, as it is easier to lift the hamper up and out of the bin.


If you are installing a bin into existing cabinets, or have limited space, this may be a critical factor. You can filter the Hideaway Bins range into one the following sizes - 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm to help narrow down the selection of bins that will fit into your cabinet.

Please note that the cabinet widths mentioned are the external width of the cabinet. To calculate the internal width, you must deduct the thickness of cabinet side panels. Typically these panels are 16mm thick. For example, a 350mm cabinet will typically have an internal measurement of 318mm (350mm - 16mm - 16mm).

Because many Hideaway Bins can be top mounted, the width of the bin does not need to be an exact match to the width of the cabinet.



Hideaway Bins offer 2 colour options for selected models in the Hideaway Soft Close range - White or Ghost Grey. All other bin are available in White only.

White is the most common choice, as it generally matches the colour of the carcass - the internal parts of the cabinetry.