Environmental - Hideaway Bins




At Kitchen King®, we take pride in responsibly recycling and re-using products to minimise the impact on the environment. With the push towards the management of waste and recycling never having been stronger, Kitchen King supports the belief that as a leading manufacturing company, we need to be responsible for our actions and the effect on the environment.

We have put a number of different practices into place to ensure that our environmental impact is reduced and that our products are environmentally friendly. Some of these practices include ensuring that cardboard packing boxes for our New Zealand made components are re-used time and time again. The plastic packing sleeves for other components are recycled, and any metal rejects are recycled.

The plastic buckets for the 3 bin ranges, Soft Close, Deluxe and Compact are made with virgin materials, giving the finished product its outstanding durability when coping with the environment. The buckets are food grade polypropylene plastic which is FDA (USA) approved and completely recyclable. Any waste during the moulding process is reground for reuse in other components.


Not only has Kitchen King ensured that the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, but we have also developed units that assist commercial environments to establish practices that staff can easily follow.

For example, the installation of 50L Hideaway Bins side by side is an innovative solution for separating waste and recycling. Once the bin has been used to dispose of waste or recycling, the unit slides away out of sight keeping the room clear of clutter. The units are manufactured from high quality materials to ensure that they will withstand the challenges posed in a busy commercial environment.