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Colour Code Your Hideaway Bins

Take your home or office waste bin to the next level with Hideaway colour coded liner holders. This simple yet effective upgrade can have a bigger impact than you think. Read on to see the benefits of colour coding your waste bin and see how to choose the correct liner holders to suit your Hideaway Bin.

Say Goodbye to Confusion and Hello to Simplicity!

Recycling can be confusing, especially if you are unsure which bin to put your rubbish or recycling into. Colour-coded bins offer a visual cue that simplifies the process of waste separation. By assigning different colours to each type of waste or recycling, such as paper, glass, and food, you can easily identify the right bin for each item.

Increased Participation and Awareness:

Whether in the home or the office environment, colour-coded recycling bins serve as educational tools that promote awareness about the importance of recycling and waste reduction. The visible differentiation of bins helps everyone, even children, understand the significance of separating waste and the positive impact it can have on the environment. This increased awareness leads to improved participation and commitment to sustainable practices.

Reduced Contamination and Improved Recycling Rates:

One of the most significant advantages of colour-coded bins is the reduction of contamination in recyclable materials. When materials are placed in the wrong bin, like food going into a paper recycling bin, then the material becomes contaminated. This adds more work downstream in sorting or may mean that those materials cannot be recycled at all. Colour coded bins help by separating waste at the source and reducing contamination. This in turn leads to improved recycling rates and a more efficient use of resources.

Hideaway Colour Coded Liner Holders

These are available in four new colours – Red, Green, Yellow and Blue – and are available to suit all Concelo bins and most of the Hideaway Compact range.

With the Hideaway Colour Coded Liner Holders, you can pick and choose which ones match your local requirements best. Not all city councils have the same colour wheelie bins for their rubbish and recycling collection, but the general colours used in Australia and New Zealand are:

Hideaway RecyclingColourChart

Please note that Hideaway Coloured Liner Holders are only compatible with Hideaway Bins / Buckets. There are several ways to confirm the correct size of liner holder for your Hideaway bin:

1 - If you know the bucket size for your Hideaway Bin, you can simply click the link below to find the range of colour liner holders for your bin. Some buckets have the size on the bottom side of the bucket.

Shop Liner Holders
2 - If you are unsure about which buckets your bin has but you know the model number, then enter the model number into the search function on our website to take you to the web page for your bin. Then click the “Spare Parts” button to find the correct liner holders for your bin. If you need assistance identifying your model number, click this link below.

Guide to Identifying your Bin Model
3 - You can measure your existing liner holders and check the size in the table below.
4 - Lastly, if all else fails, please feel free to contact us at and we will help you from there.

The full range of Hideaway Liner Holders are:

Hideaway LinerHolderSpecs