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Designing a commercial work place?

Why not incorporate a Hideaway Bin within a coffee station or recycling centre. Working on a commercial project where rubbish and recycling require a solution? Why not consider including a Hideaway Bin within a coffee station or design in a recycling centre and incorporate Hideaway Bins to assist with waste separation? As featured in the pictures, the 2 x 40 litre Hideaway Bins were incorporated into the coffee stations at the Fisher and Paykel head office recent remodelling pro... Read more.

Got 300mm to spare?

The Hideaway single 40L bin will fit! Need a large bin for a small space? The latest from Hideaway Bins: a compact 40 litre bucket, designed to save cupboard space while providing a family-sized innovative, hidden waste solution. This latest storage solution will fit behind a 300mm door front. This bin is the newest addition to the Hideaway Compact range, where the top mount panel acts as a cover for the bucket. The high quality steel framework is top mountable and includes ... Read more.

Invisible Helper

Getting clothes organised in the laundry keeps your spaces clean and makes washing a breeze - Hideaway Bins have a tidy solution. Tired of seeing that heap of clothes on the laundry floor, or of finding a lost red sock has left its mark on your whites? Now there is a clever way to keep your washing organised and out of sight - and the laundry looking good. The team at Hideaway Bins has added the Hideaway Laundry Hamper to its range of under-counter storage solutions, says genera... Read more.

Largest Double Bin Capacity Available Now

- Up to 80ltrs! Hideaway Bins launches the new 40 litre bucket range, providing you with the largest double bin capacity available for all your hidden bin requirements. The new 40 litre bucket range includes both single and double hidden bin solutions. The double bin solution provides a whopping 80 litres of storage. A Parented Air Vent System to maximise bag volume. Four U-shaped air vents have been designed into the lip of the bucket, allowing trapped air to escape as the bag is... Read more.

Now you see it, now you don't

Keeping a lid on kitchen waste Keeping rubbish out of sight yet the disposal unit easily accessible is an ongoing issue in most kitchens. Bins are an unsightly necessity - either stashed awkwardly under the kitchen sink or placed on the kitchen floor where they become an eye-catching feature for all the wrong reasons. Kitchen King's Hideaway Bins range offers a stylish and practical solution to storing kitchen rubbish so that it's out of sight and out of... Read more.

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