Hideaway Bins are a simple and stylish space-saving solution to ordinary kitchen tidy products & bins talk to one of our distributors in Australia today for more information.

About the range

Hideaway bins are ideal for use as a hidden storage solution within any area of your home - kitchen, bathroom, laundry...anywhere. Three intelligently designed  ranges are available, offering a simple and stylish space-saving solution -Hideaway® Soft Close, Hideaway® Deluxe and Hideaway® Compact.


Product Features

Hideaway Bin Kitchen

A Hideaway Bin is a practical solution that slides away under the bench and is completely hidden from sight until needed. The bins are both ergonomic and functional as they are designed to be mounted at bench height and pull out towards you, allowing easy disposal of waste without having to bend inside low cupboards. Floor mount models are available for an under-the-sink solution in your kitchen.

Units are easy to clean and maintain. This provides you with a simple answer for storing waste and recycling within your kitchen, hygienically disposing of bathroom waste or sorting your whites from colours in the laundry. All units comes complete with bucket/s and a liner holder (Except for the Hideaway Laundry SCL160D-W) which is designed to hold your rubbish bag firmly in place. With each of the three ranges offering distinctive features and models available in handle pull or door pull, there is sure to be a Hideaway Bin to suit your needs.

The Three Hideaway Bins Ranges

The Hideaway® Soft Close bin feature high-quality German soft-close runners which over extend to allow easy removal of the buckets. They also include a removable, foam-sprung friction-fitted lid that creates a seal across the bucket/s when the unit is closed, assisting in odour control. This lid has a Clinikill powder coat to fight harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi keeping the bin solution hygienic. Pitch adjustment in the door bracket is provided in the door bracket for ease of installation.

Hideaway® Deluxe bins feature a removable foam-sprung friction-fitted lid that creates a seal across the bucket/s. The friction-fitted lid makes the Hideaway Deluxe Bins ideal for use in a kitchen environment as odours are locked away. Quality ball bearing runners that over extend, allowing easy removal of buckets and have a dynamic weight loading of 40kgs.

Hideaway® Compact bins can be top and / or side mounted with the body acting as a cover for the unit. The Hideaway Compact range has been designed with less componentry, ideal for areas of limited space. The new Compact 40L bin models also feature a patented vent system to maximise bag volume by allowing air to escape. Models from the Hideaway Compact range are perfect for bathrooms, offices or motor homes.

Waste / recycling / storage...sorted with a Hideaway® Bin.